Servicing The Palm Oil Industry Since 1982

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Servicing The Palm Oil Industry Since 1982

About Us

Why take chances?

GA EXPERTISE is ready with the experience and know-­how to get your plant designed or upgraded and up and running from start to finish. We invite worldwide clients to consider our extensive, longstanding qualifications as a premier provider of engineering and construction solutions.

Four decades of know­-how

GA EXPERTISE benefits from over 40 years of hands on involvement in the design, construction, and operation of oil mills worldwide. The principals of the company have built an enviable reputation throughout the Far East, Latin America, and Africa for installing efficient, profitable, environmentally conscious mills.

Broad areas of expertise

The company enjoys broad­based capabilities, including engineering and feasibility studies, plant design and construction, onsite maintenance and operation, and export marketing studies. GA EXPERTISE, through a global network of strategic partners, offers an extensive range of solutions from unit process to true turnkey.

A reputation for quality

The firm has a proud success record in Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. As a result of intensive preconstruction planning and careful coordination with governmental and regulatory agencies, GA EXPERTISE projects go on stream quickly and within budget. Because we plan for the inevitable contingencies beforehand, we have immediate, working solutions based on our extensive experience.

It’s no coincidence that our mills typically outperform the industry average for productivity, profitability, and interruption-free operation.

We focus on what we do best

Because the firm only works in the vegetable oil industry, we bring you specific, relevant expertise in an area we thoroughly understand. This means that the designs and solutions we bring to the table make economic sense while adapted to the special needs of diverse geographic locations. In fact, a major fabrication affiliate has been certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and has built the first ever ISO/9000 certified palm oil mill in the world.



Guy Posschelle

- President

Established GA Expertise in 1982 offering his clients more than 35 years of managerial, technical, engineering consulting, and project management expertise on large agro-industrial projects and palm projects, with world wide experience spanning more than 40 countries including Africa, Latin America and South East Asia. E-mail Me


Hugues Posschelle

- General Manager & Vice President

Joined GA Expertise in 2002 to help manage the company’s growth, develop and implement a business strategy, and assume day to day operations. Prior to joining GA Expertise, Hugues spent 11 years in domestic and international operations, leading business strategy, marketing, sales and business development teams with Fortune 500 chemical companies. E-mail Me

  • Liliana Guerrero  – Director of Operations
  • Lucy Cruz – Accounting
  • Gilberto Pineda – Accounting
  • Miguel Aranda – Sales Engineer in Peru
  • Francis Delgado – Sales Engineer – Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua
  • Armando Gonzalez – Sales Engineer – Guatemala
  • Antonio Huezo – Sales Engineer – Mexico
  • Manuel Flores Business Development Manager
  • Jose Manuel Villalta – Jr Project Coordinator & Quality Assurance
  • Jill Jones – Finance and Administration
  • Hugues Posschelle – General Manager
  • Edgardo Cabus – Sales Agent in Honduras
  • Hernan Lacouture-Pacini – Sales Engineer, Colombia
  • Bobbi Gordon – Quotation & Ordering Specialist
  • Joseph Grassello – Purchasing Manager
  • Luis Arrunategui – Logistics Coordinator

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